Backend Development

We call back-end code the brain of any app out there. The back-end development is a part of the application that is never visible to the user. It is built with use of server-side language and database. In simpler words, front-end code interacts with a user in real time while back-end code interacts with a server to return user ready results. Operation of back-end code is a bit more complex. The developer builds an application (using server-side code like PHP, Ruby, .Net etc.) which connects with a database (using MySQL, SQL, Access etc.) to look up, save or change data and return it back to the user in form of front-end code. This complicated structure helps us look for things, shop, interact socially and more in the modern world of the internet. If you think of any operation on your website like sending a contact form, signing up for a newsletter or editing page content, it is always a back-end code responsible for that operation.
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